Christiana House in Tudu – Painting by Charles Paddy Sawyerr Jnr,

It is a New Year and I am trying to do new things.  The Year 0f Return has triggered a desire to also go search my roots.  I am hoping that my Sawyerr family will get more focussed on finding out a little bit more about my great grandfather whose name I proudly carry – Jacobson Williamson Sawyerr.  My niece, Amazia is doing a good job bringing our cousins together and may just draw up the Mould family tree this year.  I know that my wife is also exploring her family tree and there is certainly more documented information about her Jamaican forebears.

But look what I found in my endeavours, a story about my great grandmother, she died in the year I was born and this amazing story about her Christian life has been languishing in the Basel Museum for so many years.

I had to get their permission and the permission fo the children of Rev SS Odonkor who wrote it to publish it.  I also include a painting by Charles Paddy Sawyerr Jnr, a great-great-grandson of Christiana House that still proudly stands in Tudu, Accra built by her son Gosford Collins Sawyerr and named in her honour.

Obviously, I am very excited about this and hope that you all enjoy reading it all the 6 pages of this beautiful story

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Thanking you all in advance