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Selwyn Market on my mind or is it Rawlings Park?

https://www.asaaseradio.com/business/selwyn-market-on-my-mind-or-is-it-rawlings-park/   A beautiful picture of, what is supposed to be the aerial view of that most celebrated market in Accra has been doing the rounds on various WhatsApp chat platforms.  I do not know how old that picture is or who had taken it, but somehow I kept on [...]

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Will Brexit affect Africa at all?

Will Brexit affect Africa at all? THE fascination with Brexit continues with the torturous process of democracy being showcased. All the important institutions of the state are playing a role, the executive, parliament, the Supreme Court, the Queen – and it has already cost Britain, two prime ministers. But it [...]

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Evaluation Report for Mali Enterprising Leaders (MEL)

Evaluation Report for Mali Enterprising Leaders (MEL) — Equinox Consulting  oberserber  Uncategorized  April 17, 2019 0 Minutes Though community businesses exist within the black community, and black community organisations who owned their own premises have been in operation over the past 50 years, it took research by The Ubele Initiative to highlight the degree [...]

Race Equality and the Black Experience in 2017 – the current debate

Was at the House of Commons yesterday to take part in this debate.  this is my presentation. Inequality remains a problem in the United Kingdom, especially for black people. There is a still a penalty for being black, there is a penalty in stop and search, in health, in education, [...]

Celebrating Black Businesses at Black History Month 2013 – Ade Sawyerr

Many things have been celebrated in black history month over the years but I doubt whether there has been any celebration of black people in business in Britain so in this brief note I intend to chronicle the history of black business development and celebrate the initiatives in the hope [...]

Overseas aid and UK based consultants

http://dianeabbott.org.uk/news/speeches/news.aspx?p=102866 http://dianeabbott.org.uk/news/speeches/news.aspx?p=102866   Overseas aid and UK based consultants You are here: Home / News / Speeches / Overseas aid and UK based consultants 21 Nov 2012 I want to draw the House’s attention to the growing phenomenon of wealthy UK-based management consultancies creaming off millions of pounds from the aid budget. We are seeing—the process [...]

Equinox Consulting! Celebrating 28 years of service to the black community in Britain

The Equinox Consulting story The story of Equinox Consulting can be likened to a journey of hard work with a lot of fulfilment along the way; but like all journeys, things do not always go as planned. There are detours and there are new objectives that get set up along [...]

Big Society: One size fits all?

Big Society: One size fits all? Submitted 25 Feb 2011 10:52am in News One size does not fit all. Give government work programme contracts to local organisations says business and training  consultant Ade Sawyerr. The Conservatives won the election in 1983 because the country did not want to relive the crisis [...]

Government fund: Black business must benefit

Government fund: Black business must benefit Submitted 11 Nov 2010 5:01pm in News An innovative governement appoach to supplier diversity for growing and supporting small black businesses is required now writes Ade Sawyerr When David Cameron, the Prime Minister re-launched the Big Society, he intended for all government initiatives to [...]

Essay: Will I ever join the Labour Party?

Essay: Will I ever join the Labour Party? 23 01 2008 TMP asked Ade Sawyerr what it would take to get him to join the Labour Party.  Here he explains what Gordon Brown will need to do to seduce him. What would it take for me to join the Labour [...]

Supporting Entrepreneurial Activity in Ghana – 1993

I am trying to bring together all these articles That i have written over the years to this site I wrote this article long ago and i suspect that my views may have changed.  It was in response to a challenge from Sydney Casely Hayford who was always bugging me about writing [...]

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