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Ade Sawyerr is a management consultant at Equinox Consulting who works on enterprise, employment and community development issues within inner city and black and minority communities in Britain. He is also a community activist involved in several local and national causes. He comments on social, economic and political issues with a strong interest in cultural, diversity and third world issues. Ade can be contacted at or

Sod that: pickaxes, spades, and cutting the ‘sword’ In the run-up to every election in Ghana, our politicians go into a frenzy of photo-opportunities, - sod cutting for all manner of projects, from the fanciful to the banal to those kept privy Sane Eteshi – Matters Arising Four years ago, President John Dramani Mahama was derided by [...]

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The Covid response – Africa must fly and soar

  THE year 2020 will forever remain the year when most events world-wide were postponed or cancelled. It will also be remembered as the year the economic and military might of the world’s most developed countries was found wanting and became overwhelmed by the onslaught of the Covid plague. To [...]

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Manifestos and infrastructure – the substance of our politics Sane Eteshi – Matters Arising   Election year comes with a lot of pseudo-intellectual work by political parties, intent on producing manifestos that civil society organisations and the so-called neutral think tanks will be unable to tear apart. So, they assemble the brightest sparks and wonks within the party [...]

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Ubele Case Studies – Impact of COVID19 on Elders – Ade Sawyerr ‘ I just wonder, how do our children  feel in a system where they are detached,  where  nothing is coming from them and yet they will be the resolution – I guess I have to believe our kids and our young people, will do well’- Ade Sawyerr   Name [...]

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The Accra New Town experiment – implementing quality education The Accra New Town experiment – implementing quality education   At a time when most advanced countries are debating the quality of education, Ghana has centred its debate on access to and cost of education. One would have thought education is an investment that would yield returns in [...]

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The Gadangme Internet Forum – A call to join

The Gadangme Internet Forum – A call to join -   Over the course of the past two decades and counting, several incidents have caused concern within the GaDangme polity and there have been several who have sought to fan the flames of tribal discontent by starting to beat [...]

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The politics of Ghana’s History – We need more holidays to resolve the issue. The politics of Ghana’s History – We need more holidays to resolve the issue. My version of history is quite different from the version of history that has bestowed another national holiday in our country. The speaker of our Parliament has over the years campaigned for us to have [...]

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No Homowo in London this year, we are shielding from Corocoro No Homowo in London this year, we are shielding from Corocoro Awo Awo Awoo! Agban Ei, Bleku Tsɔɔ, Esu esu, Enam enam, Manye, Manye, Adiban Kpɔtɔɔ On Christmas Day last year I was challenged by a FACEBOOK friend to render AfehyiaPa in my mother tongue. She felt that all [...]

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Are elections more important than politics? Despite the new coronavirus pandemic and the ever-present threat of another spike in the number of infections, the ongoing voters registration exercise has been successful. I hope that we will convert our computer systems to continuous updating of the voters register especially since we now collect a lot of [...]

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Selwyn Market on my mind or is it Rawlings Park?   A beautiful picture of, what is supposed to be the aerial view of that most celebrated market in Accra has been doing the rounds on various WhatsApp chat platforms.  I do not know how old that picture is or who had taken it, but somehow I kept on [...]

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The Late Manye Sarah Kukuorkor Mills Okaikoi – Sleep Well my Sister

The Late Manye Sarah Kukuorkor Mills Okaikoi – Sleep Well Te aye tɛŋŋ ni kakalɔi enyɔnyɔi ni tawunii hu ahiɛ ekpata nɛɛ The mighty are fallen, and the weapons of war perished   2 Samuel 1:27 Manye Kukuorkor has fallen and all Gadangme in the Diaspora will mourn the loss of [...]

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The revival of Jamestown Fishing Harbour Born and bred in James Town, British Accra, I often wonder what is going on in that part of the world. I knew it as a part of Accra that is very little known to many people who live in Accra, but it happens to be the most interesting [...]

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Easing the lockdown in cold(er) climes Easing the lockdown in cold(er) climes Our correspondent in England looks back to his own connection with Ghana’s electoral history . . . and forward to December Sane Eteshi – Matters Arising I could tell by listening to the BBC today that the ravages of “corocoro” and the lockdown [...]

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