Rest in perfect peace, my very punctual Blofonyo – Mr Winston Davies

Mr Winston Davies lived an interesting and fulfilling life and there are many attributes of his life that we will cherish as we bid him farewell on his journey to his Maker. He was warm and affectionate but did not suffer fools gladly. He was deep and thoughtful but was not wedded to any dogma, […]

On the passing of Comrade Hayford Patterson Akrofi

Akro, Akro, Red Akro! so sad that you have passed on so soon when your beloved party so needed your cool head and your conciliatory ways.  I am truly saddened that i will not be able to meet you in Ghana this August especially since we could not meet when you were down in London […]

The late Nii Armar-Kojo Armar

Akli! and all those terms that easily came from your register – patent, absolutely, bottom line, those emphatic words will not resound any more.  You are truly at rest in the bosom of the Lord! Even in your last days when you were ill, very ill, you were still in your early-adopter mode: your aramis, your parker pen set, […]

Life History of the late John Kojo Addae Hammond

Ni Mei ni Yehowa ekpoame le aaku amese ke aba ekon, ni ame aba Zion ke nyamo lala, ni nano mise aahi ameyitean; amenine aase mliflimo ke mise no, ni awereho ke ntsoidomo aadso foi They shall enter Zion with shouts of triumph Crowned with everlasting gladness Gladness and joy shall be their escort Suffering […]