A people Blessed: King Tackie Tawiah Memorial lectures by Nii Armah Josiah-Aryeh

                                 LECTURE I                              A PEOPLE BLESSED “An Accra man was then respected, not by reason of his national prestige only, but by his personal ability and superior qualities also … In war, travel and voyage, in times of epidemic, and in the […]

A Ga New Year Greeting

Afi oo Afi Afi naa akpe wɔ Kpaanyɔ anina wɔ Wɔ fee momoo Wɔ ye Gbo, wɔ ye Gbiena Alonte diŋ ko akafo wɔteŋ Ni wɔsεε afi lε wɔ tashi neke noŋŋ Ni wɔsεε afi le ehi eha wo fe neke Ni nyemi afee nyemi Ni afi aya ni ebanina wɔ ekoŋ Tswa ni omanye […]

Today is Homowo in London

Special Homowo Prayer from the Diaspora Awo Awo Awoooo Agba e, Bleku tsoo Esu esu enam enam Manye manye Adiban kpotoor Today we celebrate at Battersea – Wilditch Community Centre May Agba descend, may Bleku open the skies so that we are drenched in water for our corn water, plenty of water fish, plenty of […]