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Ubele Case Studies – Impact of COVID19 on Elders – Ade Sawyerr

https://www.ubele.org/covid19-case-studies ‘ I just wonder, how do our children  feel in a system where they are detached,  where  nothing is coming from them and yet they will be the resolution – I guess I have to believe our kids and our young people, will do well’- Ade Sawyerr   Name [...]

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Letter to my nephew – managing that sickle cell

Letter to my nephew – managing that sickle cell Dear Tei, Visiting you in the hospital brought back memories of my being struck down with a painful sickle cell crisis during a short training course in Tehran in the mid-1970s.  Tehran is supposed to be the fount of modern medicine, [...]

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Why I have now joined the Labour Party

Why I have now joined the Labour Party  oberserber  britain, equality, politics  November 4, 2019 7 Minutes By africanvoice -October 11, 20190409Share on FacebookTweet on Twitter By Ade Sawyerr – In 2008, I was invited to a Labour Party fundraising event in Streatham.  I met the Labour Party MP who was in conversation with the person who eventually succeeded [...]

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2011, Year for People of African Descent

What are Black people in Britain to make out of this international year for people of African Descent?  - Ade Sawyerr The African Diaspora has been a reality for such a long time that we do not even think about its complexity and how it happened.  Slavery was definitely [...]

Just a thought – The (Im)possibility of Equality: Can it really be achieved?

Just a thought – The (Im)possibility of Equality: Can it really be achieved?  oberserber  black, Britain, equality, Uncategorized  November 26, 2018 2 Minutes Just a thought – The (Im)possibility of Equality: Can it really be achieved? I start by thanking the speakers for their brilliant thoughts on this tortured issue of race equality that is still [...]

What the Black Labour Movement must do! – Ade Sawyerr

Black Labour: Speaking for Ourselves!!!! -  6th December 2017 at Peckham Labour missed an opportunity in the 1980s to embrace and consolidate the support that it had from the mass of African and Caribbean people.  These people had mostly voted Labour at elections and the rejection of their own movement, [...]

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Race Equality and the Black Experience in 2017 – the current debate

Was at the House of Commons yesterday to take part in this debate.  this is my presentation. Inequality remains a problem in the United Kingdom, especially for black people. There is a still a penalty for being black, there is a penalty in stop and search, in health, in education, [...]

‘Africans Were In Britain Before The English…’

This powerful statement of fact is how historian Peter Fryer started his seminal book Staying Power (Pluto Press, 1984) documenting the black presence in Britain Posted in Voice Newspaper 28/12/2015 10:00 AM SONGSTRESS: An unnamed member of The African Choir from South Africa who played concerts for a high-profile audience [...]

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Can We Have An Intelligent Debate On Migration?

Can We Have An Intelligent Debate On Migration? ‘Perhaps it time for the other side to speak,’ says Ade Sawyer Written by Ade Sawyerr 27/09/2015 02:01 PM MOVED ALONG: African migrants from Sudan and Eritrea are forcibly removed by Italian police from their camp “We are here because you were [...]

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Do Black People Feel Excluded From Brixton?

http://www.voice-online.co.uk/article/do-black-people-feel-excluded-brixton Do Black People Feel Excluded From Brixton? As new communities move in, original residents ask what happened to the heart of Black Britain Written by Ade Sawyerr and Maxine James 25/04/2015 10:00 AM LOCAL LANDMARK: The street market in Electric Avenue, BrixtonDOWN TO: The market in Electric Avenue. THERE [...]

Why we must support black carers – Ade Sawyerr in Voice Online

http://www.voice-online.co.uk/article/why-we-must-support-black-carers Why We Must Support Black Carers Gloucestershire County Council is leading a project to research the needs of the large numbers of BME ‘hidden carers’. It is work that is long overdue, writes Ade Sawyerr Written by Ade Sawyerr 12/04/2015 02:00 PM SUPPORT NEEDED: Carers see their role as [...]

Celebrating Black Businesses at Black History Month 2013 – Ade Sawyerr

Many things have been celebrated in black history month over the years but I doubt whether there has been any celebration of black people in business in Britain so in this brief note I intend to chronicle the history of black business development and celebrate the initiatives in the hope [...]

Essays on Ghanaian Philosophy – EA Ammah – Essay4 – Summing Up

Conclusion Summing Up To sum up: morality or ethics means custom or customary.  It is interesting to note that our tradition and culture have indicated all the ethics involved. About kple hymns, the main course which constitute the gist of this thesis, Dr. M. J. Field comments, “Some songs are [...]

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