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E. A. Ammah’s Ethnographic Vision By Marion Kilson

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In 2016 Sub-Saharan Publishers will publish Kings, Priests, & Kinsmen: Essays on Ga Culture and Society by E. A. Ammah, edited by Marion Kilson.  This essay is based on Marion Kilson’s introduction to the volume. E. A. Ammah (1900-1980) gained renown as an authority on Ga culture and society beginning [...]

Essays on Ghanaian Philosophy – EA Ammah Essay2 – The 3 Schools of Thought: God’s, Son of God, and Sceptics

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God’s school of thought The God’s School of thought has various hymns which expound [a] synoptic view of the universe as a whole; but we have selected three for the purpose of this thesis.  An interesting and satisfying point   which is held and enriched in each stage of advance in [...]

Essays on Ghanaian Philosophy – EA Ammah Essay1 Ghanaian Thought and Philosophy

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Introduction E. A. Ammah, “Ghanaian Philosophy,” The Ghanaian (October 1961, November 1961, December 1961, January 1962, February 1962, March 1962, April/May 1962, June 1962) NOTE: Beginning in the October 1961 issue of The Ghanaian and continuing in monthly installments through June 1962, E. A. Ammah published  a lengthy essay, “Ghanaian [...]

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