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Transformation by Marion Kilson

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Transformation by Marion Kilson  oberserber  black, Gadangme, ghana  December 7, 2018 0 Minutes   Transformation By  Marion Kilson Brought from inner sequestration Into a guest-filled yard. Laid upon the ground at twilight; Lifted to the star— Not once but thrice. Distilled drink passes among guests; Each one whispers the name. Each one sips from a coconut. [...]

The Outdooring, Dedication and Naming of an African Child – A Ceremony of the GaDangme People of SouthEastern Ghana – Ganyobi Kpojiemͻ Vol 1 Book Review by Gyau Kumi Adu

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BOOK REVIEW: THE OUTDOORING DEDICATION AND NAMING OF AN AFRICAN CHILD: A CEREMONY OF THE GADANGME PEOPLE OF SOUTHEASTERN GHANA – Ganyobi Kpojiemͻ  Vol 1 by Ernest H.C. Tetteh (London: Ophelia Vanderpuye On-line Publishing, 2016). By Gyau Kumi Adu (joewykay55@gmail.com/ https://joewykay.wordpress.com/) Reflections on the Book The primal purpose of this book [...]

E. A. Ammah. Materialism in Ga Society. (Accra: Ga Cultural Books, 1965).[1]

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E. A. Ammah. Materialism in Ga Society. (Accra: Ga Cultural Books, 1965).[1] Preface This paper presents a comparative analysis of materialism and idealism in Ga society.  The inspiration for this paper was derived from two sources: the first two chapters of Fundamentals of Marxism-Leninism Manual and Osagyefo’s2 address at the [...]

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