Serving the needs of the African and Caribbean heritage community in Watford

There was a time when there were only a few primarily Caribbean people settled in Watford.  However, over the past 20 years the population of people of African heritage has greatly increased. 37 years ago in 1976, when the Watford African Caribbean Association (WACA) was formed, there were barely 500 African and Caribbean people in […]

When the founding Chair burns out

I’ve been the Chair of a small organisation since I founded it five years ago. There are no staff and all of the work is done by six trustees and three volunteers. The trustees, including myself, have full-time jobs. I started the organisation for personal reasons – I realised there was no support in our […]


Business & Finance – 22nd- 28th May 2000 West Africa THE WAY FORWARD Ade Sawyerr continues his look at what African community organisations can do to get their houses in order ANY successful organisation has a strongly developed quality assurance system, a democratic structure, a growing membership and an approach that pursues development projects based […]

Money’s too tight to mention

Business & Finance West Africa 15th – 21st May 2000 Money’s too tight to mention Ade Sawyerr begins a two-part series looking at the funding barriers facing African community organisations AFRICAN community organisations are relative newcomers to Britain, purely as a result of immigration patterns. Although primary immigration was supposed to have ended in the […]