Awo Awo Awo

awo awo awo

Awo Awo AwoAwo Agbai breku tsᴐᴐ. Congregations beg God for rain to fall, that millet may grow and Kpele worshipers may find food.Awo Awo Awo Awo Agbai breku tsᴐᴐ. In a god’s shrine worshipers sing Awo Awo Awo Awo Agbai breku tsᴐᴐ. On the way to the sacred field Kpele worshipers always sing Awo Awo […]

No Homowo in London this year, we are shielding from Corocoro

Breaking tradition – no Hɔmɔwɔ in London this year! No Homowo in London this year, we are shielding from Corocoro Awo Awo Awoo! Agban Ei, Bleku Tsɔɔ, Esu esu, Enam enam, Manye, Manye, Adiban Kpɔtɔɔ On Christmas Day last year I was challenged by a FACEBOOK friend to render AfehyiaPa in my mother tongue. She […]

Time for Homowo again – 8th September 2018

Time for Homowo again – 8th September 2018  oberserber  black, community, culture, Gadangme, ghana, Uncategorized  September 7, 20184 Minutes Awo Awo Awo Awooooo!                 Mother oh Mother Agban ee                                             Agban the diety Bleku Tsor                                          Let Bleku rain/pour down Esu Esu                                               Water, plenty of Water Enam Enam                                        Fish, let us have a lot of fish manye Manye                                     Glory, let glory reign Adban Kportor                                    […]

Homowo-Asafotufiam-Nmaayem – an invitation 13th September 2014 This is an invitation to all to join us at this years celebration of the Ga New Year in London. The celebration is 0n Saturday, 13th September 2014 at Lavender Children’s Centre, Lavender Park Pavilion Steers Mead, Mitcham, Surrey, CR4 3HL 3.30 pm prompt and now a little bit about Homowo Exodus 12.20 -29 […]

Festival 2012 – Homowo-Asafotufiam-Nmaayem

  Festival 2012 – Homowo-Asafotufiam-Nmaayem Posted on September 22, 2012 by oberserber   Sponsors for the celebration Shanco Bruce, Esther Lamptey, Diana Aryeetey, Nii Nortei Omaboe, Ben Aryeetey, Mr Victor & Mrs Cecelia Ativor, Ade Sawyerr,  Patience Tagoe, John Quao, Diana Affutu-Nartey, Joe Adama, S.A Doku, Julie Lutterrodt, Comfort. Clottey,  Sarah Worburton, Elizabeth Tetteh, Diana Nartey, Jennifer Quaye, Stanley […]

What is Christianity?

explaining christianity

I was searching through a file my late father kept for me when i started secondary school. It included in the main receipts for payments that he had made during the period of the sixties and also my less than impressive school reports, a source of much aggravation during the holiday period when he sought […]

Homowo–Asafotufiam–Nmaayem-Festival 2009

Homowo–Asafotufiam–Nmaayem Festival 2009 GaDangme Nikasemo Asafo Registered Charity 1056912 Invites —————————————————————————————————————————— to The annual Festival of the GaDangme people of Ghana date Saturday, 12th September 2009 venue Wilditch Community Centre 48 Culvert Rd, London, SW11 5BB time 3.30 pm prompt attire Traditional Generous donations in excess of £10 will be expected Please bring this invitation […]