A summer of drifting from COVID to dreadlocks … and back to prayer

AfricaCultureHealthOpinion Black people in the diaspora must be wary of becoming the targets of some of the worst kinds of misinformation, which only divide us  Sane Eteshi – Matters Arising Just when we thought that a final easing of the lockdown would take place in June, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, looking for the first time […]

Ubele Case Studies – Impact of COVID19 on Elders – Ade Sawyerr

https://www.ubele.org/covid19-case-studies ‘ I just wonder, how do our children  feel in a system where they are detached,  where  nothing is coming from them and yet they will be the resolution – I guess I have to believe our kids and our young people, will do well’- Ade Sawyerr   Name – Jacob Williamson Adeyemi Sawyerr  […]

Easing the lockdown in cold(er) climes

https://www.asaaseradio.com/news/world/easing-the-lockdown-in-colder-climes/ Easing the lockdown in cold(er) climes Our correspondent in England looks back to his own connection with Ghana’s electoral history . . . and forward to December Sane Eteshi – Matters Arising I could tell by listening to the BBC today that the ravages of “corocoro” and the lockdown are on a downward spiral. […]