The Gadangme Internet Forum – A call to join –


Over the course of the past two decades and counting, several incidents have caused concern within the GaDangme polity and there have been several who have sought to fan the flames of tribal discontent by starting to beat the war drums.

The matured reaction has been to look for a more refined method for resolving whatever disrespect we feel is visited on us, to engage in productive fruitful discourse to learn more about ourselves and our culture.  In the mid to late 1990s with the discovery of the power of the internet to facilitate discussion on important issues, Okyeame emerged and remains as the most substantial Ghanaian discussion forum.  Most of the dezinines were in the diaspora and the administrators believed that a lot of the useful discussion could be captured from these thought leaders to inform policy and assist our politicians back home.

From time to time, and much to the dismay of the administrators, these discussions were often fractious between supporters of the different political parties on our return to the 4th republic but occasionally they were reduced to ‘tribal wars’ difficult to moderate.  Into the mix came….

“GANYOBI is a collective presence on the internet of members of the Ga-Dangme communities in the diaspora and in the motherland of Ghana. This collective presence is coordinated by Numo Notse Amartey.  Numo’s thoughts, expressed in his writings are presented here for others to read and comment on. We are commonly committed to the principles of freedom and justice for all within the context of a united and progressive Ghana”

Ganyobi was so well received that we decided to create a Gadangme Internet Forum to carry on with the discussions.  The forum has been an inspiration to many and out of these discussions have emerged several groups across the diaspora. These groups include people seeking common cause with each other and prepared to take a more realistic view of the Gadangme people within a republican Ghana especially with Accra as the very urbanised and metropolitan melting pot of all that is desirable in Ghana

Nii Narku Quaynor helped Gilbert Nii Okai Addy and me to set it up at NCS,, we then moved to E-Groups and then YahooGroups and last year, we finally migrated to iogroups

GaDangme Internet Forum comprising people scattered around the globe with access to email, who are interested in communicating and exchanging ideas on issues pertaining to the socio-economic welfare and culture of the GaDangme people.

Aims and Objectives of Gadangme
The aims and objectives of the Gadangme Internet Community are as follows :

  • Identifying and promoting ideas for the development of all aspects of GaDangme society within the context of modern Ghana, hence contributing to Ghana’s development.
  • Observing and promoting GaDangme culture, traditions, and customs.
  • Developing and promoting the Ga and Dangme languages by learning and teaching their proper usage and orthography.
  • Propagating and teaching the rich history of the GaDangme people.

General Rule: All members shall follow generally accepted internet forum protocols — no insults, harassment, bullying, threats, and inappropriate language will be allowed. Moderators have banned the discussion of internal conflicts of GD organisations on the GD Forum. Members that violate rules will be warned, and eventually banned if they persist. Thank you!

We are a treasure trove of everything Gadangme.  We have discussed over 30,000 topics with over 200,000 posts over the 20 years and we welcome you to a serious discussion of Gadangme issues at

Ade Sawyerr, Moderator – GaDangme Internet Forum

August 2020