CULTURE AND CHRISTIANITY – A Public Lecture by Rev. Dr. G. N. N. Odonkor

This lecture was delivered under the auspices of Gadangme Nikasemo Asafo in London by Reverend G. Nii Noi Odonkor, Chairperson  of the Ga Presbytery on 18th October 2014 Introduction: Thank you so much for the invitation to share some ideas on culture and Christianity with you. For starters I want to admit that the topic is a bit […]

Fostering GaDangme Unity: the Dangme Perspective –

Gadangme Nikasemo Asafo – Public Lecture 14th April 2012 Fostering GaDangme Unity: the Dangme Perspective – By- Nomo Kabu CHARWAY and Nokortama Awuley DOKU. Introduction We thank the executives and members of GaDangme Nikasemo Asafo for the honour to deliver this important, interesting and rather politically and sensitive lecture. We would like to state that, […]