Transformation by Marion Kilson

 oberserber  black, Gadangme, ghana  December 7, 2018 0 Minutes Transformation By  Marion Kilson Brought from inner sequestration Into a guest-filled yard. Laid upon the ground at twilight; Lifted to the star— Not once but thrice. Distilled drink passes among guests; Each one whispers the name. Each one sips from a coconut. Each one whispers again— Not once but thrice. The […]

Welcome Tristan Quarshie Abbey

To Welcome Tristan * * * Agoo ataamei ke awomei Tswa tswa tswa omanye aba Tswa tswa omanye aba tswa omanye aba worseii yi ati, worblor yi ati worborle kutu workpe wudze bu wordze nu no woye wonu wokodzi ano adzo wor gbor ni eba Ie etse yiwala enye yi wala ehie fann esee tuu […]