Ga Outdooring ceremony – An Annunciation by Ade Sawyerr

ga outdooring

Ga outdooring ceremony – kpodziemo ceremony places a new born child within the family and relations. It provides the opportunity for the family to welcome the child into the community. it can be described as the annunciation – announcing and welcoming the baby, endowing the child with gifts and giving the child its first commandments. […]

Welcome Tristan Quarshie Abbey

To Welcome Tristan * * * Agoo ataamei ke awomei Tswa tswa tswa omanye aba Tswa tswa omanye aba tswa omanye aba worseii yi ati, worblor yi ati worborle kutu workpe wudze bu wordze nu no woye wonu wokodzi ano adzo wor gbor ni eba Ie etse yiwala enye yi wala ehie fann esee tuu […]