Britain is where i have lived and worked for the past 40 years.  i have tried to observe that communities that I have lived in and sought to be acclimatised to the weather.  i have not been very successful in the latter but I have been sufficiently interested to want to comment on the politics and economics and social issues in the country.  i have been more fortunate than most because I work with black and minority ethnic communities as they seek the methodology for integrating in what in the past was an alienating community.  we have come a long way and Britain will become inclusive with the fast changing population dynamics


Will Brexit affect Africa at all?

Will Brexit affect Africa at all? THE fascination with Brexit continues with the torturous process of democracy being showcased. All the important institutions of the state are playing a role, the executive, parliament, the Supreme Court, the Queen – and it has already cost Britain, two prime ministers. But it [...]

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Why I have now joined the Labour Party

Why I have now joined the Labour Party  oberserber  britain, equality, politics  November 4, 2019 7 Minutes By africanvoice -October 11, 20190409Share on FacebookTweet on Twitter By Ade Sawyerr – In 2008, I was invited to a Labour Party fundraising event in Streatham.  I met the Labour Party MP who was in conversation with the person who eventually succeeded [...]

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2011, Year for People of African Descent

What are Black people in Britain to make out of this international year for people of African Descent?  - Ade Sawyerr The African Diaspora has been a reality for such a long time that we do not even think about its complexity and how it happened.  Slavery was definitely [...]

Just a thought – The (Im)possibility of Equality: Can it really be achieved?

Just a thought – The (Im)possibility of Equality: Can it really be achieved?  oberserber  black, Britain, equality, Uncategorized  November 26, 2018 2 Minutes Just a thought – The (Im)possibility of Equality: Can it really be achieved? I start by thanking the speakers for their brilliant thoughts on this tortured issue of race equality that is still [...]

What the Black Labour Movement must do! – Ade Sawyerr

Black Labour: Speaking for Ourselves!!!! -  6th December 2017 at Peckham Labour missed an opportunity in the 1980s to embrace and consolidate the support that it had from the mass of African and Caribbean people.  These people had mostly voted Labour at elections and the rejection of their own movement, [...]

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Race Equality and the Black Experience in 2017 – the current debate

Was at the House of Commons yesterday to take part in this debate.  this is my presentation. Inequality remains a problem in the United Kingdom, especially for black people. There is a still a penalty for being black, there is a penalty in stop and search, in health, in education, [...]

Complete and utter May-hem!

Ekow Nelson Theresa May’s reputation is as damaged as Jeremy’s Corbyn’s has been enhanced after the recent elections in the UK. The Prime Minister asked the electorate for a mandate to strengthen her hand in the upcoming Brexit negotiations with the European Union; they denied her that and as a [...]

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An election to end all elections? – Ade Sawyerr Home › News › An election to end all elections? An election to end all elections? Submitted 6 Jun 2017 10:21am in News No, there are not too many elections. Elections are about the people exercise their right in a democracy and we must all endeavour to go out [...]

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The changing needs of the community and voluntary sector – Lambeth — Equinox Consulting

The changing needs of the community and voluntary sector – Lambeth Cuts to public sector funding have impacted on the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) at national, regional and local levels. This has exacerbated some of the difficulties that voluntary and community organisations have faced over the last two decades [...]

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