Never had the time to comment on the just ended World Cup – the two teams i supported. Ghana and England went home after the first round. they got one point each, did not win any of their games – the actually lost 2 of their games. I am glad the tournament is at an end and we can all live again. I knew at the start that the English team was not coming home with much though i expected that they would have done better than they did. Surprisingly no one has really blamed them for their early exit.

I however hoped that Ghana would have done much much better despite being grouped together with more inspired teams.
What got me about Ghana was not the football but for the fact that the coach blamed the players, the Ghana Football Associatio could not handle the players and the minister claims that he needed their cooperation. the off the pitch antics may not be the direct reason why we lost but it brought Ghana to the attention of the world for the wrong reasons. In other countries the President, the head of state, would have ordered an inquiry into what happened off the pitch, i still think that an inquiry is important because it would help inform policy on what should happen when we qualify to go on the international stage again. this should not be swept under the carpet, our money was flown to Brazil so no one should talk about the autonomy or independence of the GFA.
My one and sole consolation in all this is that even the best team on the planet could not beat Ghana, Germany, the eventual winners with all their engineering precision could only manage a draw against us. Let us pray and hope that we get our act together for the next World Cup!