Transformation by Marion Kilson

Transformation by Marion Kilson  oberserber  black, Gadangme, ghana  December 7, 2018 0 Minutes   Transformation By  Marion Kilson Brought from inner sequestration Into a guest-filled yard. Laid upon the ground at twilight; Lifted to the star— Not once but thrice. Distilled drink passes among guests; Each one whispers the name. Each [...]

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The relevance of culture for the Diaspora Ghanaian* – Ade Sawyerr

Discussing culture is difficult because a lot of people these days confuse culture with tradition and indeed sometimes with the issue of modernity and then complicate it religion. At one extreme are the so called post-modernists whose argument is about jettisoning overboard traditions because they [...]

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Ga Outdooring ceremony – An Annunciation by Ade Sawyerr

I have borrowed liberally from the excellent book OMANYE ABA by A. Amartey The GaDangme outdooring - kpodziemo ceremony places a new born child within the family and relations. It provides the opportunity for the family to welcome the child into the community. It is [...]

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