management consultant

Most of the pioneering work with the black and minority ethnic community that Ade has worked on has been as a partner of Equinox Consulting set up in 1983.

Equinox Consulting set up as an innovative management consultancy to promote social and economic advancement amongst disadvantaged and socially excluded communities.

Equinox Consulting are specialists in the field of regeneration and renewal of deprived communities and have experience of working with and for clients from black and minority ethnic communities.

An integrated approach is adopted that offers consultancy, training and research services to meet objectives of clients and have considerable expertise in providing enterprise strategies, employment initiatives and community development and involvement solutions to add value to the work of our clients.

Equinox Consulting continues to add value to the wide range of clients that include: central governments and their statutory agencies, regional and local governments and their partnerships, voluntary and community organisations and small medium and micro enterprises that continue to benefit from our experience of tackling issues for often marginalised communities.

In enterprise generation, Ade has provided  a mixture of research into ethnic markets and issues, training of business people at the start up and growth levels, consulting and hand holding of these businesses through writing business plans, providing them with robust systems of operations, finding them start up and growth capital and exploring with them new markets.  Increasingly the work also involved the setting up of business associations, some mentoring and matching with bigger mainstream organisations under supplier agreements.

Under employment initiatives, Ade has also worked on various employment initiatives; conducting research into barriers to employment, exploring how contract compliance and voluntary schemes can be applied to increase the recruitment, employment, training, promotion and retention of black workers.  He has designed, developed and delivered training programmes for both hard and soft skills and worked direct customised training programmes.

In community development, Ade provides management support and consultancy to many third sector organisations developing strategic and delivery plans, undertaking feasibility studies for community centres and facilities, appraising, reviewing and evaluating community development projects. He has also organised capacity building, training and leadership programmes directed at strengthening the management and staff capability, facilitated in strategic awayday seminars and conferences and implemented several community consultations. He has also conducted research on the state of the sector and the challenges faced by the third sector.

Equinox Consulting offers services in:

  • Facilitation of strategic awaydays
  • Policy research on minority issues
  • Evaluations, reviews and appraisals
  • Feasibility studies for community facilities
  • Strategic business and delivery plans
  • Roles and responsibilities of board trustees
  • Management training and leadership courses
  • Capacity building and community consultations
  • Enterprise skills training and promotion strategies
  • Employment skills training and placement initiatives

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