social and political analyst

With a passion for community and cultural issues, Ade is a much sought after speaker at events and conferences, chairing seminars and sharing his views as a thought leader on a variety of topics and platforms.

Ade is a social and political commentator writing on topical issues that interest him. The main thrust of his writings is black social, economic and political advancement in Britain, where he attempts to influence policy and on diversity and inclusion issues and on third world development.

An opinion leader who indulges in blue-sky thinking and find solutions to intractable problems, and given his experience in business and community development, he should have written that book long ago.

He also writes about politics and governance issues in Ghana.  His favourite topic is Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah, the founder of Ghana who led the country to independence and his vision for Africa.

He writes about diversity issues in the UK, cultural issues relating to the Gadangme people, and political issues in Ghana.  And he also finds time to reflect on how cotinental Africans and people of African heritage in the diaspora can contribute to the development of the continent

As a student of Gadangme culture, his interest lies in the constant conflict between modernity, culture and religion, and Ga origins and practices as they have evolved over the years.  He also presents and writes on issues that confront those in the diaspora who seek an interpretation of the cultural practices and why this is important to the identity of people in the diaspora

Ade is very active on social media platforms especially Facebook where he takes great pains to explain social, political and economic issues affecting Ghana and Africa

seriously considered views.

He has contributed articles in several journals and newsletters, newspapers in addition to the several social media platforms that he posts his commentaries on, he also writes an occasional blog – at

articles and opinions.

Ade has shared his opinions on several platforms.  He writes for the Voice Newspaper, Britain’s biggest Black newspaper and for the influential Operation Black Vote blog, the home of Black Politics in the UK.  He has also written Op-Eds for West Africa magazine and now writes pieces for Africa Briefing. In Ghana, he has published articles on the New Daily Statesman, and on online websites such as Modern Ghana and  AfricaVoice in the UK has also published his articles.

A selection of his articles can be found at

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