Are elections more important than politics?

https://www.asaaseradio.com/politics/are-elections-more-important-than-politics/ Despite the new coronavirus pandemic and the ever-present threat of another spike in the number of infections, the ongoing voters registration exercise has been successful. I hope that we will convert our computer systems to continuous updating of the voters register especially since we now collect a lot of [...]

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Easing the lockdown in cold(er) climes

https://www.asaaseradio.com/news/world/easing-the-lockdown-in-colder-climes/ Easing the lockdown in cold(er) climes Our correspondent in England looks back to his own connection with Ghana’s electoral history . . . and forward to December Sane Eteshi – Matters Arising I could tell by listening to the BBC today that the ravages of “corocoro” and the lockdown [...]

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Five things to change Africa – what can we get right in this coming decade?

Five things to change Africa – what can we get right in this coming decade? Africa Economic Independence – Independent Africa took a long time in the making: from the late 1950s when Ghana became independent right up to the last decade when new countries like Southern Sudan have emerged.  [...]

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Nyame Nhyira (God Bless) Kwame Nkrumah

https://wp.me/p1xAYQ-9Z Nyame Nhyira (God Bless) Kwame Nkrumah Posted on March 12, 2020by ekownelson We were told he was the most corrupt leader ever; an impostor who did not earn a PhD but was flashing his honorary Doctorate around; a ‘showboy’ who built useless white elephants the country neither needed nor could afford; an  [...]

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Will Brexit affect Africa at all?

Will Brexit affect Africa at all? THE fascination with Brexit continues with the torturous process of democracy being showcased. All the important institutions of the state are playing a role, the executive, parliament, the Supreme Court, the Queen – and it has already cost Britain, two prime ministers. But it [...]

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Why I have now joined the Labour Party

Why I have now joined the Labour Party  oberserber  britain, equality, politics  November 4, 2019 7 Minutes By africanvoice -October 11, 20190409Share on FacebookTweet on Twitter By Ade Sawyerr – In 2008, I was invited to a Labour Party fundraising event in Streatham.  I met the Labour Party MP who was in conversation with the person who eventually succeeded [...]

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Relevance of Nkrumah’s Vision for Ghana and Africa – Ade Sawyerr

MATTERS ARISING – Vision for Ghana and Africa ADE SAWYERR Will Africa ever achieve the potential envisaged by the leaders at independence? Will Africa ever rid itself of the poverty that continues to rack the continent amid all the wealth and resources that exist on the continent?    The answers [...]

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2011, Year for People of African Descent

What are Black people in Britain to make out of this international year for people of African Descent?  - Ade Sawyerr The African Diaspora has been a reality for such a long time that we do not even think about its complexity and how it happened.  Slavery was definitely [...]

Going to the President to find a Chief?

Going to the President to find a Chief?  oberserber  community, culture, Gadangme, ghana, politics  January 18, 2019 3 Minutes I just read that some Ga chiefs went to Flagstaff House to ask the President of the republic of Ghana to come to their house and decide for them who will be their chief, the response was genuine and [...]

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