Ghana in Africa was the first country to lead the independence movement of the whole of the continent on 6th March 1957, led by Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah. Ghana is also the land of my birth, born and bred, went to school worked and matured there.  Ghana still leads in several things economically politically and socially in Africa.  it still represents that hope of Africa as a continent. perhaps the most hospitable and warmest people in Africa, the people are very tolerant especially those who hail from Accra the capital city that has welcomed immigrants from different parts of the country and helped in forging one people who are Ghanaian

Are elections more important than politics? Despite the new coronavirus pandemic and the ever-present threat of another spike in the number of infections, the ongoing voters registration exercise has been successful. I hope that we will convert our computer systems to continuous updating of the voters register especially since we now collect a lot of [...]

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Selwyn Market on my mind or is it Rawlings Park?   A beautiful picture of, what is supposed to be the aerial view of that most celebrated market in Accra has been doing the rounds on various WhatsApp chat platforms.  I do not know how old that picture is or who had taken it, but somehow I kept on [...]

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The revival of Jamestown Fishing Harbour Born and bred in James Town, British Accra, I often wonder what is going on in that part of the world. I knew it as a part of Accra that is very little known to many people who live in Accra, but it happens to be the most interesting [...]

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Easing the lockdown in cold(er) climes Easing the lockdown in cold(er) climes Our correspondent in England looks back to his own connection with Ghana’s electoral history . . . and forward to December Sane Eteshi – Matters Arising I could tell by listening to the BBC today that the ravages of “corocoro” and the lockdown [...]

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Five things to change Africa – what can we get right in this coming decade?

Five things to change Africa – what can we get right in this coming decade? Africa Economic Independence – Independent Africa took a long time in the making: from the late 1950s when Ghana became independent right up to the last decade when new countries like Southern Sudan have emerged.  [...]

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Nyame Nhyira (God Bless) Kwame Nkrumah Nyame Nhyira (God Bless) Kwame Nkrumah Posted on March 12, 2020by ekownelson We were told he was the most corrupt leader ever; an impostor who did not earn a PhD but was flashing his honorary Doctorate around; a ‘showboy’ who built useless white elephants the country neither needed nor could afford; an  [...]

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Letter to my nephew – managing that sickle cell

Letter to my nephew – managing that sickle cell Dear Tei, Visiting you in the hospital brought back memories of my being struck down with a painful sickle cell crisis during a short training course in Tehran in the mid-1970s.  Tehran is supposed to be the fount of modern medicine, [...]

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Look how far we have come: Ghana Union in retrospect 40 years on!

 oberserber  Uncategorized  October 30, 2019 4 Minutes Look how far we have come – Ghana Union in retrospect The origins of Ghana Union can be traced to the old West African Students Union that was vibrant in the early part of the last century, when students on scholarships and private study alike, needed [...]

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