Relevance of Nkrumah’s Vision for Ghana and Africa – Ade Sawyerr

MATTERS ARISING – ADE SAWYERR Will Africa ever achieve the potential envisaged by the leaders at independence? Will Africa ever rid itself of the poverty that continues to rack the continent amid all the wealth and resources that exist on the continent?    The answers [...]

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2011, Year for People of African Descent

What are Black people in Britain to make out of this international year for people of African Descent?  - Ade Sawyerr The African Diaspora has been a reality for such a long time that we do not even think about its complexity and how [...]

In praise of Kpele wontsemei – Marion Kilson

In praise of Kpele wontsemei – Marion Kilson  oberserber  Uncategorized  January 7, 2019 2 Minutes In Praise of Kpele Wↄƞtsԑmԑi By Marion Kilson Caught by her god, Chosen messenger between god and human; Caught by her god, Defamed no more as childless and unschooled; Caught by her god, Crowned with [...]

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Transformation by Marion Kilson

Transformation by Marion Kilson  oberserber  black, Gadangme, ghana  December 7, 2018 0 Minutes   Transformation By  Marion Kilson Brought from inner sequestration Into a guest-filled yard. Laid upon the ground at twilight; Lifted to the star— Not once but thrice. Distilled drink passes among guests; Each one whispers the name. Each [...]

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Concluding Observations: King Tackie Tawiah Memorial Lectures by Nii Armah Josiah-Aryeh

LECTURE IX                                                             CONCLUDING OBSERVATIONS The future belongs to those who plan for it; the good plan takes account both of the present and the past. If we remember not the works and toils of our fathers we have no claim ourselves to be remembered in history, and if [...]

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The Prophets and influence of Religion: King Tackie Tawiah Memorial Lectures by Nii Armah Josiah-Aryeh

LECTURE V THE PROPHETS, AND INFLUENCE OF RELIGION in EIGHTEENTH AND NINETEENTH CENTURIES This brief Lecture considers the influence of religion on Gá-Dangme society. As was shown in chapter Gá-Dangme society was originally a theocracy in which the fore-telling priests exercised enormous authority. Naturally, a number [...]

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