Motivated by the desire to find solutions to seemingly intractable solutions for disadvantaged and emerging communities, Ade uses his vast experience gained in working with black and minority ethnic communities and his expertise as a competent business analyst to research and develop proposals for cohesive and integrated communities.

Ade has spent the last 35 years working as a management consultant in the UK, focusing on enterprise support, regeneration, community engagement and development and employment develop strategies.  He has designed, developed and delivered training programmes on business, community management and employment skills and also undertaken policy research to inform decisions on the black and minority ethnic and other disadvantaged communities.  He has consulted for a large number of community organisations, implemented capacity building programmes and explored strategies for building community cohesiveness and integration.

He has been active in community activity with a large number of facilitating and grassroots organisations and involved in the cultural, political, social and economic advancement of the African heritage community in the UK

His background qualifications are in management, a Bsc Administration in Management completed in University of Ghana in 1971 and an MBA from Manchester Business School in 1982

Ade writes on a variety of community, cultural and diversity issues and he is a powerful and insightful speaker at conferences and seminars


Ade Sawyerr has interests in a variety of issues that he finds time to discuss or speak or write on in addition to his voluntary activities

He spends a lot of his time at seminars, conferences and workshop on issues such as

  • Politics of Africa and the Caribbean
  • Inter-generational activities amongst the young and old
  • Culture of Africa especially Ghana and specifically Gadangme Culture
  • He is a member of the London Gadangme Speaking URC Fellowship
  • He is also a member of the Sickle Cell Society and plays an active role when he can

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Multi faceted with profound insights on several issues that he uses to help people and organisations.  A clear thinker who is constantly working on issues that affect the community around him.  Trusted a valued colleague and friends who constantly tap into his ability to help find solutions to problems.


Collecting information from proposers of the project, carrying out secondary and primary research formulating a strategic plan that provides a guide to further action on the governance and management, the services and goods, the markets and marketing, the production and service management, the capital and resource requirements and the equity and debt requirements of the project


Appraising projects and applications for funding to ensure that they meet the criteria that has been set up by funders and ordering the projects based on the priorities of the funders and evaluation projects that have been delivered using baseline information to determine that the goals and objectives have been met, targets delivered to provide the desired impact and that lessons have been learnt


Designing robust methodologies and undertaking research on issues affecting black and minority ethnic communities who are normally referred to as ‘hard to reach’ but are traditionally excluded communities


Devising innovative and appropriate methodologies to enable us to consult with the black and minority ethnic communities so that we can elicit their views on issues that are of concern to them and engage them in such a manner that they can also participate and decision making at the local, regional and national level on issues that affect them


Helping organisations to develop action plans based on facilitation strategies that enable the review of the organisation, the statement of purpose of the future based on the present strengths and weaknesses of the organisation and the parameters and variables that will enhance future focus and performance


Providing training programmes in business skills, community organisational management skills and seminars, soft employment skills and board and trustee seminars and training programmes across different sectors.


Development of proposals for the implementation of projects ensuring that the goals, objectives, inputs and targets and impact are clearly stated and that evaluative capacity is built into the proposals that are develop and a community delivery plan with costings is provided


  • Proficient in the use of computers in building and generating networks and familiar with major software and productivity packages
  • Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office 365 for business
  • Proficient in the use of several statistical packages


  • Excellent skills in speaking, reading and writing in English
  • Excellent skill in speaking reading and writing of Ga



A MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT with several years’ experience in small and medium enterprise development, business planning, proposal structuring, feasibility studies, investment appraisal, project evaluation, management development and business training, project management, organisational restructuring, financial and economic analysis, market research and marketing, for small businesses as well as clients in the public, voluntary and private sectors. Work experience has included both long and short term assignments.

1983 – date  Partner, Equinox Consulting

Responsible for the day to day operation of this management consulting firm that focuses on enterprise and community development projects as they affect the inner city and ethnic minority communities in Britain.  I am responsible for the writing and supervision of most proposals and tenders for work.  I have also led multi-disciplinary teams of associates to execute different types of projects.  These include business skills training, management development programmes, studies for the setting up of enterprise agencies, counselling small business people conducting research, looking at mechanisms to promote and develop entrepreneurs in local areas, providing advice and specialist assistance to companies with potential for growth.  I have worked for Local Authorities, TECs, City Challenges and Task Forces, Employment Service and a whole host of trusts and Charities that are involved in enterprise promotion.

1979 – 1980  Group Manager, Cobdorf Group of Companies

General Manager responsible directly to the Board of this family-owned concern.  Had full responsibility for the operation of all aspects of the group’s work.  I was in direct contact with the banks who were interested in revitalising this company after the death of the owner and founder. Successfully completed a restructuring and rationalisation, of this medium-sized highly diversified company involved in the production and marketing of food products, agriculture, property and tyre-re-treading, to ensure that the functions of production and service delivery, marketing, and finance were properly co-ordinated.

1976 – 1979  Managing Director, Afro Asian Travel Centre

Managed the day to day affairs of this travel agency involved in charter flights and tours. Expanded the company’s client base to include special event flights for seminars, conferences, sports people, pilgrims to various other countries apart from usual travel to Europe and America. Initiated an aircraft brokerage service for other operators including the state-owned airline and integrated linkages with hotels to provide a complete package tour operation.

1972 – 1975  Systems Engineer, IBM World Trade Corporation

Appointed to assist in the computerisation of several small and large organisation in both the private and public sectors. This involved the conducting of surveys to determine computer needs, the design of appropriate operating systems environment, development of application programs and the provision of on-going management support for the installations.

Developed and implemented training programs for management, systems analysts, programmers and operators in various computer installations.

1971 – 1972  Assistant Accountant, Ghana Commercial Bank

Involved in various aspects of retail banking and appraisal of proposals for funding small businesses.


Working for businesses and community organisations and local and other statutory authorities demands that you know how they function, the best way is to serve on some of the numerous community organisations that exist and give your time to some of the most passionate causes.

1998 – 2010 Trustee, The London Community Foundation
2002 – 2006 Advisor Board Member, Black business Brokerage
2004 – 2006 Chair, GaDangme Nikasemo Asafo
1997 – 2001 Chairman, Ghana Union London
1992 – 1998 Executive Member, Brixton Business Forum
1994 – 1999 Governor, St Nicholas School, Purley
2001 – 2003 Council Member, London Civic Forum


Communities can be transformed if all work together, the public sector initiating projects, the private sector contributing to projects in the localities they operate in, civil society organisations participating to ensure that project targets are met and communities benefit.







Educated at some of the best schools in the world and classmate of some of the best educated in the land.

Academic Qualifications

1982 MBA Manchester Business School
1971 B.Sc. Administration, University of Ghana
1968 A Levels Ghana Secondary School, Koforidua
1966 O Levels Achimota Secondary School

Professional Qualifications

2000 Approved Consultant, National Council for Voluntary Organisations
1997 Fellow, Certified Management Consultant 100%
1992 Member, Institute of Management Consultancy
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The tangible benefits of any association is subantial improvements to the fortunes of the organisation

In looking at a way forward we commissioned Equinox Consultancy to conduct a community needs assessment on our behalf. The Trustees were presented with a draft report in March 2014 and the implications are being explored to inform a strategic plan for WACA. We are aware that key priorities identified by participants in the survey are: Education, Health and wellbeing and arts and culture. The way forward will be a key theme for our AGM. We would like to extend our thanks to Equinox for the work completed and to WBC for funding the work.

Clive Saunders, Chairman, Watford African Caribbean Association

A key feature of this research is that the Black Caribbean community was involved in developing the recommendations that are put forward in this report. I hope these will be used as a foundation upon which the council can take action and embed practices that build stronger relationships and a better understanding of the Black Caribbean community in Lambeth. This report does not mark the end of a process but the beginning of a new way forward. I hope that the recommendations put forward will help the council work cooperatively not only with our established communities, but with our new communities too.

Cllr Lorna Campbell, Cabinent member for Equalities and Communities Lambeth Council

“the ACCF launched the business plan to the community and have received favourable response to the contents and the work programme. The plan was also presented to the leader, Leicester city council and his associates and they too offered their congratulations on the comprehensive research and vision.” 

ChairmanAfrican Caribbean Citizens Forum


It is always a pleasure to have a meaningful relationship with a client.  At the start of the process is a need to listen and determine what the client’s objectives are and to design a methodology that ensures that the client is always at the centre of the process.



ade sawyerr blog.

Ade Sawyerr writes a blog where he comments on some of his interests.  He sees himself as a social commentator, even an opinion leader who from time to time engages in blue sky thinking and really given his experience in business and community development, he should have written that book long ago.

He writes about diversity issues in the UK, cultural issues relating to the Gadangme people, political issues in Ghana and he still finds time to reflect on how African in the continent and African heritage people in the diaspora can contribute to the development of the continent

Ade Sawyerr writes a blog where he comments on some of his interests.  He sees himself as a social commentator, even an opinion leader who from time to time engages in blue sky thinking and really given his experience in business and community development, he should have written that book long ago.

He writes for the Voice Online, the biggest Black newspaper in the UK

He also writes for Operation Black Vote, the home of Black politics in the UK

Voice Online

Operation Black Vote




He writes about diversity issues in the UK, cultural issues relating to the Gadangme people, political issues in Ghana and he still finds time to reflect on how African in the continent and African heritage people in the diaspora can contribute to the development of the continent

Equinox Consulting

equinox consulting.


Equinox Consulting is an innovative dynamic management consultancy set up in 1983 to promote social and economic advancement for disadvantaged communities. These comprise: Black Minority Ethnic, BME Inner City , Refugees and Asylum seekers, urban poor and other disadvantaged and socially excluded communities.

We adopt an integrated approach by offering Management Consultancy, Training and Research services. Our clients include central and local governments and their agencies, community, voluntary and civil society organisations, small business enterprises and international corporations.

Our primary focus is working on issues that affect black minority ethnic, BME  communities. We devise engagement and consultation strategies towards their full participation, contribution and integration into the mainstream.

Equinox Consulting is an approved consultant for the National Council of Voluntary Organisations and a Registered Practice of the Institute of Management Consultancy.


Ade Sawyerr BSc (Administration) Management Option, MBA. FCMC
Ade is a management consultant with several years experience of working on economic, enterprise and community development issues. He is a founding partner at Equinox Consulting a consultancy set up 30 years ago to provide an integrated approach of consultancy, training, and research on issues that affect disadvantaged, socially excluded and ethnic minority communities in Britain and abroad. Ade has been at the forefront of enterprise and social enterprise development strategies.
He has conducted research into entrepreneurship, designed several enterprise development and inward investment programmes for local areas, directly counselled small and medium enterprises on set up and growth strategies, formulated and developed business plans in several industrial, financial and commercial sectors.
He has also developed, designed and delivered several enterprise skills programmes targeted at both start-ups and established growth organisations, led seminars and spoken at conferences. He has extensive experience in formation of business associations and chambers of commences helping them to deliver services to their stakeholders.
He has developed and managed loans and grants funds set up by development agencies to assist small businesses in local areas and worked on procurement projects that would engage small businesses in local purchasing initiatives. His work on enterprise development has taken him outside Britain to South Africa, Gambia, Italy, Zimbabwe and Ghana where he has appraised, monitored and evaluated projects.
Ade has undertaken research, consultancy and training assignments or a variety of topics including examining barriers to employment for young people and people from disadvantaged communities and designing and implementing hard and soft skills training programmes to improve their chances of employment, progression and retention in the job market.
Ade provides management support and consultancy to a large number of third sector organisations developing strategic and delivery plans, undertaking feasibility studies for community centres and facilities, appraising, reviewing and evaluating community development projects. He has also organised capacity building, training and leadership programmes directed at strengthen the management and staff capability, facilitated in strategic awayday seminars and conferences and implemented several community consultations. He has also conducted research on the state of the sector and the challenges faced by the third sector.
Prior to setting up Equinox Consulting, Ade had worked as a general manager in a medium sized business, had operated his own travel agency, worked as a systems engineer for IBM and as an assistant accountant in a bank. He holds an MBA from Manchester Business School, a B.Sc Administration Management from the University of Ghana; he is an approved consultant of the National Council of Voluntary Organisations, a Certified Management Consultant and a Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultancy.
Ade is active in community work, an ex-governor of a primary school, and ex-chairman of the Ghana Union London and an ex-chairman of Gadangme Nikasemo Asafo a small cultural and educational charity. He sits on the advisory board of the black business brokerage service and was a trustee of the London Community Foundation. Ade is a prolific writer and has published several articles on business and community development as well as on cultural issues.



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